Sheryl Siddiqui

Contemporary artist living in Ottawa Ontario, Canada.

Artist Statement

I am a Canadian abstract expressionist artist living in Ottawa, Ontario. Creation of art is an imperative part of who I am, and not just a joy in my life but a necessity for me. Creating art has been a way for me to work through mood fluctuations and intense feelings. It truly continues to serve as a timeline for my life.  I create art playfully and intuitively. I work fast and on multiple paintings at once, building layers as I go. I am not in any rush to determine my paintings complete. Instead I like to put my works in progress together in one workspace and work on them in layers until I am satisfied.  I get very lost in the process of painting and I am very much a paint slinger. I get paint drips everywhere and repeatedly wipe my palate knife clean on my pants without being aware of it. I end up with a lot of random drips and I like the imperfection of loose brush strokes. I primarily use acrylic paint, pencil, charcoal, marker, collage, and oil stick. It is my greatest joy to share my art with art collectors and art lovers.