About Sheryl

How I went from working a number of random jobs that were not a good fit for me to creating a exciting creative business.

Government Jobs, Book Store Clerk, Veterinary Clinic Assistant, Recreation Centre Clerk,  bunch of breakdowns and mistakes later...

I did not have any sort of smooth transition into entrepreneurship.

sheryl siddiqui

After graduating from university with a high 80’s average I was feeling anything but smart and successful. I initially thought I was destined for a government job like my parents both had. The universe had other plans for me. After having two beautiful boys in my early thirties, I was still no closer to a permanent career. As my kids got a bit older, I did several jobs that ranged from working at a big bookstore, and Recreation Centre. I was putting a ton of pressure on myself to preform, but I was not using any of the skills at which I am great.

I was in the wrong line of work!

I had always found art and creativity really flowed very easily to me. I learned anything to do with art super fast, and I was great at teaching as well.

The other issue with the other traditional jobs! I kept burning out. I needed to work for myself so that I could slow down if I needed to. This would be transformative for me. Entrepreneurship would give me the freedom to create my own flexible hours. It just took me a long time to figure this out. I had to find a way to stop feeling terrible that I had bipolar disorder. I was not less capable than other people. I just needed flexibility and the ability to focus on something that I truly loved. Art. 

The First Years Were Hard

I certainly believed in myself. I was going to become a full-time artist, but there were going to be those people who would make comments that would kind of sting. I have had people tell me I was just a hobbyist. I have had people outright ask me if I make any money as an artist. Yes Really?

I knew that if I was going to really crush it as a full time artist, I had to tune all that chatter out and just go for it. There would be a lot of small action over time that would all add up.

I realized I could build my own dream business, and help others add amazing original art to their collections.

I make art that I love, and other people would love it too.

Yes, I made some ugly art along the way. That is all part of the process of finding your own inner voice and your true creative path.

It feels amazing every time I get to match a person with an artwork that they absolutely love.