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Sheryl Siddiqui Abstract Art

Now or Never 3 | Forest Green Cotton Candy Pink Colouful Abstract Art on Paper

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Original art by Canadian artist Sheryl Siddiqui 

Title: Now or Never 3

Medium: Acrylic and mixed media, oil stick, acrylic marker, ink pencil. 

Size: 12"x9" inches, flat acid free aper

Shipped in a rigid mailer, unframed, Varnished. 

I love painting on paper. It gives me a huge sense of freedom and time to experiment. Oil sticks and ink pencils work particularly well on paper, they seem to just glide onto the smooth surface even better than canvas. I adore making random drips with thinned out acrylic paint, as well as, doing lovely scribbles with vibrant ink pencils and wax crayons. I use very thick paper, so it holds up to a lot of different mediums and layers. My art on paper has a captured an intuitive free flow style that is hard to duplicate anywhere else. 

Make sure to check out my ArtPlacer APP you can view this piece of art in your room, hallway, or corporate office.  Just click the link and follow the instructions, you can place multiple artworks.