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Poetic | Contemporary Original Art on Canvas

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Original Abstract Art on Canvas by Sheryl Siddiqui 

Title: Poetic 

Medium: Acrylic and mixed media on gallery stretched canvas

Size: 14"x14" inches Depth 1.5 inches

Can I tell you how much I love this series. I really let my inner Jackson Pollack got wild with this collection of paintings. I thinned my acrylic paint out with a special acrylic paint thinner and had an amazing time pouring the paint on the canvas, dripping it on and also using my new brush that flings paint onto the canvas. The result, so many gorgeous layers of paint and raw expression. 

My canvases and paint are professional grade paint and I use only the highest grade materials. The canvas is 1.5 inches in depth unless otherwise stated and the staples are always located on the back. All of my canvases are wired with professional grade wire and ready to hang. I sign and date my art on the back and on smaller art on the front as well.