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Sheryl Siddiqui Abstract Art

Urban Play | Urban City with Pumpkin Latte Sky

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Title: Urban Play 

Medium: Acrylic and mixed media, paper, recycled paper, rice paper, acrylic markers, oil sticks. 

Size: 20"x40" inches, Depth 3/4 inches. Not Gallery Depth. 

 My urban cities are alive with colour and layers. 

My canvases and paint are professional grade, and I use only the highest grade materials. The staples are always located on the back. All of my canvases are wired with professional grade wire and ready to hang. I sign and date my art on the back and on smaller art on the front as well.

If you are having trouble picturing this painting in your own home, office or cottage space I have the perfect solution. You can do a mock up of this painting in your own space correct to size. I use ArtSpacer an innovative way to see art on any room, on any wall. All you need to do is take a clear picture of the wall(s) with your own phone or ipad that you would like to see the art placed on. Then add the height and width of the wall. I have the ArtPlacer app installed directly in my website. Have some fun and play around with selecting the perfect painting for your space. You can select more than one painting for the wall.