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Sheryl Siddiqui Abstract Art

Wild Flower Patch / Original Mixed Media Collae on Paper / Mulicoloured flowers / 5"x7" Matted

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Wild Flower Patch / Original 

Medium: Acrylic paint, acrylic marker, rice paper, gel press paper made by me, 

Size: Artwork placed in a 5"x7" acid Free Matte, Sold Unframed 

Colorful & Intuitive: " a dance of colors and textures, a spontaneous burst of creativity that's all about embracing the moment. It's an artful celebration of self-expression and playful exploration.

Affordable Art with Collector's Charm: Bringing art into your world shouldn't break the bank. " offers the chance to own an original artwork that's visually captivating and wallet friendly. A true gem for collectors and art aficionados.

Sold Unframed with Certificate of Authenticity: This artwork comes as a blank canvas ready for your style. And to prove its origin, it's accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, adding an extra touch of charm.

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