Art Demo Video: My Three Favorite Types of Glue in Action

Art Demo Video: My Three Favorite Types of Glue in Action

Hey everyone! 

I’m excited to share my latest art demo video with you all, where I dive into my three favorite types of glue: gel medium, UHU glue stick, and tacky glue. Each of these adhesives has a special place in my art journal toolkit, and I can't wait to show you how I use them to bring my creative visions to life. 

Gel Medium: The Versatile Powerhouse 

First up is gel medium. If you’ve been following my art journey, you know I’m a huge fan of this versatile adhesive. It’s not just a glue; it’s an essential tool for mixed media artists like myself. In the video, I demonstrate how I use gel medium to create layered effects and secure heavier elements like fabric scraps, beads, and textured papers. 

Gel medium’s transparent finish is perfect for maintaining the integrity of the colors and patterns underneath, making it ideal for collage work. I love how it allows me to build up layers without obscuring what’s beneath. Plus, it’s fantastic for creating image transfers, which I show step-by-step in the demo. Watching the magic of an image transfer never gets old! 

UHU Glue Stick: The Quick and Clean Option 

Next, we have the trusty UHU glue stick. This little wonder is a staple in my art journal supplies for a reason. It’s quick, clean, and perfect for sticking down lighter materials like paper and cardstock. In the demo, I use the UHU glue stick to adhere delicate cut-outs and magazine clippings to my journal pages. 

What I love most about the UHU glue stick is its mess-free application. It glides on smoothly and dries clear, ensuring that my pages stay neat and tidy. It’s also acid-free, which means my artwork will stand the test of time without yellowing. This glue stick is my go-to for those quick, on-the-fly additions that need to stick firmly without any fuss. 

Tacky Glue: The Reliable Workhorse 

Finally, there’s tacky glue. This adhesive is a true workhorse in my art journal projects. Its thick, tacky consistency makes it perfect for adhering heavier embellishments and three-dimensional elements. Tacky glue holds everything from buttons and sequins to metal charms and small wooden pieces. 

One of the standout features of tacky glue is its strong hold. Once it sets, it’s there to stay, which is crucial for pieces that need a bit more staying power. I also appreciate that it dries clear and remains flexible, ensuring that my journal pages can still turn easily without any cracking or brittleness. 

Putting It All Together 

In the demo video, you’ll see how I use these three types of glue in a cohesive art journal spread. I start by creating a background with gel medium, layering in various textures and elements. Then, I use the UHU glue stick for adding intricate paper details and final touches. Lastly, tacky glue comes into play for those standout embellishments that give the page dimension and interest. 

Sharing these techniques with you has been such a joy. Each type of glue brings its own unique qualities to my art, and I hope this demo inspires you to experiment with them in your own projects. Don’t forget to check out the video for a closer look at how I use these adhesives and the beautiful effects they help me achieve. 

And post your artwork for me to see at #createwithsheryl