About Me

Image of sheryl in a tulip field

I am Sheryl Siddiqui, a mixed-media artist with an unquenchable passion for flowers and abstract gardens. Through my artwork, I infuse energy, vibrancy, and a sense of joy into every stroke, inviting you to embark on a joyful journey of creativity. My art celebrates vibrant colours and positive high vibe energy, brought to life on canvas and paper using acrylic paint, oil stick, recycled materials, glass beads, acrylic markers and even touches of radiant gold leaf. As a creative expert and co-author of the best-selling book, "The Creative Life Book," which claimed the number one spot in Creativity on Amazon Books, I am driven to share the joy of art and ignite the flames of creativity within the hearts of people worldwide.

At the core of my artistic philosophy is the belief that art and colour have the power to uplift, heal and transform lives. My art is an invitation to join me on a journey of discovery, where saturated colours dance together, bringing smiles and positive energy to all who encounter them.

Let's celebrate the beauty of life through art!



Artist Bio 2023

Sheryl Siddiqui creates colourful nature-inspired art. She Loves to combine bright, vibrant colours on the canvas in a playful process. Moreover, Sheryl goes beyond the boundaries of artistic expression and employs colour as a means of healing and transformation. She believes in the therapeutic power of visualization and meditation, using colours as conduits to connect with inner emotions and promote healing. Through her art, she encourages viewers to immerse themselves in a world of colour and engage in a reflective and meditative experience, providing solace and rejuvenation for the mind, body, and soul.

Her observations of the natural world deeply inspire Sheryl’s creative process. She immerses herself in gardens and parks, carefully observing the play of light, the interaction of colours, and the intricate patterns found in nature. These observations are the foundation for her artistic exploration, allowing her to translate her experiences into expressive and evocative artworks.

She is based in Ottawa, Canada, where she lives with her family. Sheryl has been creating mixed media on canvas and paper for over 22 years. While her primary medium is acrylic paint, she also uses oil sticks, acrylic markers, hand-created paper, and metallic finishes. Sheryl has now included digital illustrations in her range of skills, creating flowers, abstract art, and wild gardens for prints and print-on-demand products. Creating art playfully on scrap paper and in sketchbooks is integral to her process. Sheryl prefers working large scale in small bursts, working on multiple canvases simultaneously. She is currently working on an extensive series of flower and garden-inspired works.

In 2023 Sheryl co-authored a best-selling book titled The Creative Life book with 65 other thought leaders worldwide. The book is currently number one in creativity in Amazon books. The Forward for the Book was written by best-selling author Dr. Joe Vitale as seen in the movie The Secret. She is an award-winning international artist and has been featured on CBC Radio Morning.