About Me

Artist Statement

I create vivid and dramatic modern art that reflects my authentic and open-minded nature. I am a carefree, meditation loving mom who expresses myself unapologetically through my artistic practice. I have managed to crack my own secret code to living life joyfully every day as an expressive artist. My opinions, thoughts and emotions all pour out onto the canvas while I dance and hum along to my favourite music. The result is very energetic, bold art. Not the shy type of art, but the type that makes an absolute statement on a wall. The kind of art that starts a lively conversation. I prefer to work on large canvases if I can, but when I am not doing that, I create mixed media art with a variety of materials including recycled materials. I never get bored because the creative options are endless. I continually surprise myself with the mixed media art that I create. I do not determine it finished unless it delights my senses.

International Award Winning Artist

Third Honorable Mention in the 2021, Art2Life International Juried Art Exhibition.


Throughout my life I have always consistently pursued art learning with every opportunity. I am a self taught abstract expressionist artist living in Ottawa. This included a wide variety of art classes that commenced from my teen years. While completing a Bachelor of Arts at Carleton University, I met abstract artist Lila Lewis Irving of Mississauga. She inspired me to try abstract painting with acrylic paint. I absolutely loved the new medium and felt a whole new excitement for art. I have merged my love for acrylic paint with mixed media techniques. Since then, there has never been a time when I have not been creating art. Art should be enjoyed, and it is my goal to get as much of my art as possible out into the world.

I was awarded Third Honorable Mention in the 2021, Art2Life International Juried Art Exhibition. Winners were chosen by juror Juan Kelly owner of Nuart Gallery in Santa Fe from over 4,500 works of art. I have been featured in several solo shows in Ottawa as well as participating in group shows. One of my paintings titled Green Rooftops was featured as the image for an innovative green living housing complex in San Francisco, CA. I was featured in two artist interviews with CBC Radio program, In Town and Out with Adrian Harwood and Ottawa Morning with Hallie Cotnam. In these interviews, I discussed my art showing in a solo show in Wakefield, QE. In 2020 and 2021, I completed two Creative Visionary Art Mentoring Programs which were led by artist Nicholas Wilton. The programs offered creative coaching to artists in addition to art education. These courses were incredibly transformative to my artistic journey. My creative process is now more spontaneous and authentic than ever before. Joy and passion have also found their way into my daily routine as an artist.