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Artist Bio Sheryl Siddiqui

Sheryl Siddiqui, based in Ottawa, Canada, is an artist whose vibrant and versatile work celebrates the beauty of nature and everyday scenes. With a deep love for still life compositions, the majority of Sheryl's artwork includes subjects like tea cups, tea pots, chairs, and fruit bowls, often adorned with colorful floral arrangements.

Drawing on over 22 years of artistic experience, Sheryl employs a diverse range of mediums including acrylic paint, acrylic markers, oil stick, oil pastels, soft pastels, and acrylic paint on paper. Her playful approach to color and form results in captivating and expressive pieces that invite viewers to immerse themselves in her colorful world.

Beyond creating visually stunning artwork, Sheryl believes in the transformative power of art. She sees color as a conduit for healing and personal growth, encouraging viewers to engage in introspection and reflection through her work.

Inspired by her surroundings in Ottawa and her observations of the natural world, Sheryl's art captures the essence of light, color, and pattern found in gardens and outdoor spaces. Her creative journey is marked by a commitment to exploration and experimentation, with recent ventures into digital illustration expanding her artistic repertoire.

Sheryl's artistic achievements extend beyond her studio practice. She is a co-author of "The Creative Life," a book featuring insights from 65 thought leaders worldwide. This collaborative effort achieved remarkable success, reaching number one status in over five categories on Amazon. While the book has received acclaim for its exploration of creativity and personal growth, Sheryl's work has also been featured on Rogers Daytime and CBC Radio Morning, showcasing her reputation as an award-winning international artist.

Through her art, Sheryl Siddiqui invites viewers to discover the beauty and inspiration that surrounds them, finding solace and rejuvenation in the simple moments of everyday life.





Artist Statement  

I am Sheryl Siddiqui, a mixed-media artist with an unquenchable passion for flowers and abstract gardens. Through my artwork, I infuse energy, vibrancy, and a sense of joy into every stroke, inviting you to embark on a joyful journey of creativity.

My art celebrates vibrant colors and positive high vibe energy, brought to life on canvas and paper using acrylic paint, oil stick, acrylic markers, and even touches of radiant gold leaf. I am driven to share the joy of art and ignite the flames of creativity within the hearts of people worldwide.

At the core of my artistic philosophy is the belief that art and color have the power to uplift, heal, and transform lives. My art is an invitation to join me on a journey of discovery, where saturated colors dance together, bringing smiles and positive energy to all who encounter them.

Let's celebrate the beauty of life through art!

Artist CV Sheryl Siddiqui

List of Exhibitions:

Group Shows

    • 2023. Nov 3- Jan 8, Heartwood House, Fair and Square, 

    • 2023. Blue Crow Gallery Annual Group Show, Toronto, ON 
    • 2023. Art in the Park, Ottawa, ON 
    • 2023. Foyer Gallery, OMMA Group Show, Ottawa, ON 
    • 2022. Noir Art Festival, Ottawa, ON
    • 2022. Wall Candy, Sweetly Affordable Art, Ottawa, ON
    • 2022. Plant Bath Community Exhibit, “Journey” Ottawa, ON
    • 2019. The Artist Café, Ottawa,
    • 2015. Shenkmen Arts Centre Group OMMA Juried Show, Ottawa, ON
    • 2013. Almonte Textile Museum, Group Juried OMMA, Almonte,
    • 2010. Galerie 240, Ottawa, 


    Solo Shows:

    1. Studio d, “Fashion is Art,” Ottawa, ON
    2. Hunters Public House, "Urban life,” Ottawa, ON
    3. Heartwood House, "Back to Basics,” Ottawa, ON
    4. Westboro Optometric Clinic, "Ottawa Store fronts,” Ottawa, ON
    5. The Table Restaurant, "Ottawa Store Fronts,” Ottawa, ON
    6. Bistro Rutherford, "Wakefield Store Fronts,” Wakefield QE
    7. The Ottawa Optometric Clinic, "Abstract Landscapes,” Ottawa, ON
    8. The Mud Oven, "Urban Play Series,” Solo Show, Ottawa, ON
    9. D'OMMA Gallery, Feature Artist, Superdome Benfranklin Place, Ottawa, ON
    10. The Ottawa Bagel Shop & Deli, Inc., "Abstract Birds,” Ottawa ON
    11. Fresco Bistro, Ongoing Solo Art Display, Ottawa, ON



    Honorable Mention Third Place, Art2Life Juried International Art Exhibition, 2021. Painting Tranquility 6, 30”x15” inches (Diptych) 2021.

    Art Credentials:

    1. Creative Visionary art Program with artist and art educator Nicolas Wilton.
    2. Creative Visionary art Program with artist and art educator Nicolas Wilton (BFA, Art Centre College of Design, Pasadena) artistic business and creative coaching, interactive online intensive.
    3. Three Week Intensive Workshop on the Language of Colour, Mark Eanes, California College of the Arts, Associate Professor.
    4. Image transfer with Golden Artist Colours Inc, representative, Andrea Warren, Ottawa, ON
    5. Perspective Drawing, The Ottawa School of Art, Ottawa, ON
    6. Figurative Drawing, The Ottawa School of Art, Ottawa, ON



    Rogers TV Segment MAy 16th, Daytime, Derick Fage

    Featured in an artist interview with CBC Radio program, In Town and Out with Adrian Harwood.

    Featured in an artist interview with CBC Radio, with Hallie Cotnam for Ottawa Morning.

    The image of mixed media painting Green Rooftops 12”x24” was purchased for use in an energy efficient green housing complex for marketing and signage in San Francisco, USA