You have found the right place if self expression is important to you, and you love bold expressive art!

Art has allowed me a space to express myself without judgement, and has created a place for me to voice my thoughts, opinions and emotions.

Do you have a desire to collect bold expressive modern art?

  • I have been helping people for over twenty years to connect with their perfect original art piece and bring their living spaces to life. 

Have you always wanted to purchase original art, but you feel intimidated by the process both online and in person?

  • I truly believe that all of my intuitive art will find its perfect home, so no high pressure sales here. I am just here to find your perfect match!

How long have you been thinking about adding your own personal style to your space?  Had a cookie cutter living room, dining room, or master bedroom that does not reflect your own unique taste?

  • I have had collectors who have purchased multiple paintings in a series while refurbishing their home. The result is an amazing cohesive, yet original look
  • My artwork is all about self expression and embracing authentic feelings, emotions and opinions. My art adds depth, layers of interest, texture, and expressive emotion as told by colour and shape to any room or hallway


How to avoid ordering issues:

  1. Measure spaces properly to ensure fit.  I use inches to measure my art.
  2. Do you require a  MOCK UP  of the painting you like in your space? I use ArtPlacer where I can show you my art in your room correct to size!
  3. Would would like to make an appointment to visit the art?
  4. Would you like me to post a video of the painting on my shop so you can view the detail better?