FAQs Purchasing

How to avoid purchasing issues:

  1. Measure spaces properly to ensure fit.  I use inches to measure my art.
  2. Would would like to make an appointment to visit the art?
  3. Would you like me to post a video of the painting on my shop so you can view the detail better?
  4. Feel Free to contact me to ask questions.
  5. Please read the description on the product page very well. The size of the canvas and the depth will be available there. 

The canvas is 1.5 inches in depth unless otherwise stated and the staples are always located on the back. All of my canvases are wired with professional grade wire and ready to hang. I sign and date my art on the back and on smaller art on the front as well.

I use various paint products my favourite paint products are Tri-Art and golden has some wonderful fluid colours that I love for flowers. I love using oil sticks in the final stages to add another pop of vibrancy and acrylic markers to add details. You might find some touches of gold in my work I find gold, silver and alcohol inks pick up the light from different angels of the room. It is difficult to capture gold, silver and also the heat wave foils that I use in photographs. I find that art looks better in person. 

Art and colour looks different depending on the screen that your are viewing it on, for example if your are viewing on your iphone the photos on my website could look different than if you view on your ipad or laptop. I take all my photos with natural light to maintain consistency.