Sketch Book Prompt: Create a floral sketch using complementary colors.

Sketch Book Prompt: Create a floral sketch using complementary colors.

Hey friend! Ready to dive into a colorful adventure in our sketchbooks? Today, I've got a prompt that's sure to spark your creativity. We're going to explore the vibrant world of complementary colors through playful floral sketches.

Prompt: Create a floral sketch using complementary colors. 

Materials: Gather your favorite art supplies – gouache, watercolor sketchbook (or any sketchbook of your choice), acrylic paint, markers, pencil crayons, oil pastels – whatever you feel inspired to use! 

Why Complementary Colors WHAT ARE THEY? 

Hey, let me share a little secret with you about why I love complementary colors so much. They're like the dynamic duo of the color world! Sitting opposite each other on the color wheel, they create this magical contrast that adds depth and excitement to any artwork. Plus, they just look so darn good together! 

Complementary colors are pairs of colors that are located opposite each other on the color wheel. When placed next to each other, they create a strong contrast and enhance each other's intensity. The primary complementary color pairs are:

  1. Red and green
  2. Blue and orange
  3. Yellow and purple

Complementary colors are often used in art and design to create vibrant compositions and make elements stand out. They can also be mixed together to create neutral tones like brown or gray. Understanding complementary colors is fundamental in color theory and can greatly enhance the visual impact of artwork.

The Creative Process: 

Choose Your Colors: Think about the colors that are calling your name today. Are you feeling bold with red and green, or maybe you're in the mood for the calming vibes of blue and orange? Trust your instincts and let your creativity guide you. 

Sketch Your Composition: Start sketching out the basic shapes of your floral arrangement. No need to worry about perfection – we're keeping it loose and playful here! You could also do leaves. 

Apply Your Colors: Now comes the fun part – adding color! Dive into your chosen mediums and let loose. Whether you're layering gouache washes or adding quirky details with markers, let your imagination run wild. 

Orange and Blue 

Purple and Yellow 

Embrace Contrast: Keep an eye on the contrast between your complementary colors. Notice how they interact and bring your sketch to life. Don't be afraid to play up the contrast and see where it takes you! 

Finishing Touches: Step back and admire your masterpiece. Add any final touches or details that speak to you, and don't forget to enjoy the process! 


Hey, congrats on completing this sketchbook prompt! I hope you had as much fun creating your floral sketch as I did. Remember, art is all about expressing yourself and having fun along the way. So keep exploring, keep creating, and keep spreading those colorful vibes! 

Let me know if you enjoyed it.