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Sheryl Siddiqui Abstract Art

Original Wall Painting/ Afternoon Tea With Protea Flower/ 20”x24”

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Afternoon Tea With Protea Flower 

Acrylic paint on canvas 

Size: 24"x20" inches on canvas, depth 1.5 inches sides painted black 

Welcome to the world of original canvas art created by Canadian artist Sheryl Siddiqui. With each piece, I invite you to journey alongside me as I draw inspiration from the wonders of nature and the simple yet captivating scenes of everyday life. From delicate floral arrangements to still lifes featuring teacups, tea pots, tables, and bowls of fruit, every artwork tells a unique story of my personal journey and the beauty I find in the world around me.

Each canvas is  depth of 1.5 inches or more, ensuring a substantial presence on your wall. Plus, with d-rings and wire pre-installed on the back, hanging your new artwork is a breeze.

And when it comes to achieving vibrant colors and intricate details, I rely on my favorite  professional paint products, including Tri-Art and Golden fluid colors, oil sticks, and acrylic markers.

Please note that while I strive to capture the true essence of my art in photographs, colors may vary slightly depending on the screen you're viewing them on.